Trailer of SEXTOY Tales : DOCUMENTARY by Anastasia Mordin & Lidia Terki

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SEXTOY Tales : DOCUMENTARY – 52’40” – A part of our tribute to Delphine Palatsi also known as DJ Sextoy. The tribute offers two documentaries significantly angled differently but so complementary. SEXTOY Tales is one.

Who’s DJ Sextoy? She was among the first French women that were recognized and revered within the techno and house music Dijing world witch was male dominated within the 90s.

Thirhteen years after her dying, no trace of her work remain as testimony although somesay the girl foreshadowed artists like Rhianna, even the movement FEMEN.

Because of this tribute, you want to show who had been really this small five-ft tall lady but additionally attempt to understand her causes of motivations to grew to become the “sexy and trashy bad girl” named DJ SEXTOY. We believe our work happens like a duty towards cultural diversity.

Regarding SEXTOY Tales we inspired “Hollywood Tales” whose style has grew to become cult. For that story, Delphine would be a fan of the Television show.

A lengthy duration of preparation permitted us to create together countless photo taking archives, many original videos, even some TV french shows in the 90s dedicated to the youthful DJ Sextoy. For this precious material we added a number of our personnal footages filmed between 1993 and 2002.

Because of lengthy interviews generously collected, artists but additionally buddies, collaborators and journalists offer us slices of existence they’ve distributed to Delphine/Sextoy, each with their very own sensitivity and emotion, but always with happy tenderness.

Step-by-step we uncover Delphine, practicing body modifications for example surgery and tattooing to finally formed her ideal self : DJ Sextoy.

SEXTOY Tales reveals the entire complexity of the character, whitch is just recommended by coded clues within the other area of the tribute : THE SEXTOY PROJECT (most experimental cinematographic treatment and

most intimate relashionship with Delphine also known as DJ Sextoy).

The film soundtrack is basically made from Sextoy’s electronic music production (together with DJ Decay, DJ El Physician, Jennifer Cardini and Chloé DJ).

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